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We Offer a Range of Products to Meet Your Needs

LeBlanc Brothers is primarily a manufacturer of ready-mix concrete, and presently we supply a variety of other foundation materials. The materials that we deliver are gravel, limestone, sand, washout, and dirt. Most of these products are purchased from reputable suppliers with whom we have had a long-standing business relationship. They may be purchased for delivery by the cubic yard and/or by weight/tonnage or by a truckload.




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Leblanc Brothers Truck

Who We Are

About Our Company

In 1966, the ready-mix concrete operation was an added business to LeBlanc Brothers which began as a partnership of two brothers in Paincourtville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, after World War II.

In the year 1980, a Louisiana corporation was formed taking the name LeBlanc Brothers Ready-Mix, Inc. In 1994, the ownership company was relinquished to seven heirs, today two heirs remain from the second generation along with two third generation heirs.

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4 Million+

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Scott LeBlanc

Scott LeBlanc


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Emile LeBlanc


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Kim Rivere


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Liz George


What Goes Into A Project

If you are working on a big project that requires concrete, you might use a general contractor. These types of projects often have lots of pages with details about what kind of concrete should be used. We can help by delivering a product that meets those specifications.


Before you place an order, there are several decisions you'll need to make. One of the first choices is what kind of construction you're planning. Will it be a new home, a big addition project, or something smaller like a driveway or patio? Once you know that, then you can move on to hiring either an engineer or architect if your project will require detailed plans and drawings.


On the other hand, you may decide your smaller project would look best with your own design. You can either draw it out or show a contractor what you have in mind. Then, of course, you will need to coordinate construction and/or find a foundation contractor who can grade and level the area, build the form that will hold your concrete, and finally, pour and finish the concrete.


Did you know that if you pay your contractor for labor and materials and they fail to pay us, a legal filing called a lien can be placed on your property? This is why it is crucial to research and get references when hiring a contractor to determine as to whether they are reliable and have a good reputation. Before work begins, you want an agreement in writing on final cost and exactly what services are covered. And if you've never worked with this contractor before, ask for references and check those references.


We've been in the industry for decades. We know who the dependable, local, independent, foundation contractors are and can share their contact information with you if you don't know where to start.

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Who We Serve

We specialize in both small and large jobs for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our customers include but are not limited to: large and small contractors, foundation contractors, as well as independent builders.


We partner with engineers, architects, job supervisors and testing labs to utilize their requested mix designs- or we will provide our own tested mixes. We offer complimentary estimates from both plans and visual inspections of the job site. We're also happy to coordinate deliveries so that you can be confident in the quality, timeliness, and safety of our product. If you or your company is interested in opening a credit account with us, you can find a credit application on this website.

Industry Experts Are A Call Away

All our dispatchers and salespeople are experienced with each of the products and services. We always consider everything you need to get the job done right.


Depending on the job, we will need to ask you several questions in order to deliver the requested amount of product at the specified time. Although scheduling is not always accurate, and quantity computation can be difficult, we promise to do our best to meet your needs.


There are numerous elements to consider when ordering concrete, including the other contractors or finishers you're using, the form's size and construction, job site accessibility, your desired date and time for delivery, as well as the mixture and amount of yardage required.


If needed, one of our sales team will also visit your job site to ensure that all necessary measures were considered so that you receive optimal service with your concrete order.

Leblanc Brothers mixing trucks
Leblanc Brothers trucks at job site

Latest Technology

The raw materials are measured, weighed and loaded into a truck by three computerized batch plants. The truck mixes the ingredients thoroughly while it is loading, which is why it is called "ready-mix"concrete.


We operate 32 up-to-date concrete mixer trucks, two tandem dump trucks, and other truck/tractors which pull various trailers, and all trucks are driven by qualified, professional drivers who are tested under the FMCSA regulations for commercial driver’s licenses or CDL’s.

What We do

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