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Foundation Materials 


Sand, also known as fine aggregate, has different types as well as uses in the construction industry.  Concrete sand of course is used in the mixture of concrete or grout.  Mason sand is a cleaner sand which should be void of any debris and is used in masonry work such as stucco, blocklaying or bricklaying.
The Mississippi River produces two kinds of silt, either fill sand found on the shores, or pump sand pumped from the "Muddy" Mississippi.   These sands are used to buildup a foundation.  Both fill sand and pump sand's availability depends on the river stages.


Washed Gravel or coarse aggregate is also used extensively in the construction industry especially in the mixture of concrete.  Other uses may be for roadways, driveways or rock gardens.  The types or sizes are usually determined by a gradation process.  


Limestone is a gray rock which sizes are also determined by a gradation process.  Most common uses of limestone is for driveways, roadways or a base layer and may sometimes be used as the coarse aggregate in concrete.  It is extremely durable and versatile.  

Should you have any questions about the above materials, please call us.  We will be happy to assist you in computing the amount of  material as well as the cost of it delivered!!